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Trends in Wedding Photography 2024

With each passing year, wedding photography evolves to meet modern demands. Let’s take a look at some key trends that will set the tone in the wedding industry this year.

Documentary Photography

The documentary or photojournalistic style has been the leading trend in wedding photography for years. Modern couples are forgoing classic, staged photos in favor of authentic photo reports. Instead of creating perfect photos for social media, they want to be in the moment and experience every emotion.

Film Photography

The retro aesthetic is becoming increasingly popular! Film requires a special way of selecting moments, as the number of images is limited. This gives these photos a special value. Film shots enchant with their colors and softness.

In addition to digital shots, I also like to work with 35-millimeter film to create a nostalgic charm. If you are interested in this type of photography, you can mention this in your inquiry.

Photography with Direct Flash

Watch out, paparazzi! :) Shooting with direct flash light conveys a sense of celebrity and gives the photos high contrast and energy. Whether it's a bridal couple shoot or a party, this technique adds an extravagant and glamorous touch to the photos.

Natural Tones in Photo Editing

Many wedding photographers are moving away from colorful filters, earthy tones, and discoloration that were very popular in recent years. Natural color reproduction is becoming one of the top trends in wedding photography in 2024. This reflects the desire to document the authentic feel of the wedding.

These four 2024 wedding photography trends reflect couples' desire to authentically capture the unique and unforgettable moments of their wedding.

Wedding photography is constantly evolving, and each new trend brings its own contribution to the world of visual memories of love ❤️


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